Juan Daniel Gracia

CMO Totalmad

I lead the team responsible for all neural networks. The team is focused on all aspects of data gathering (labeling, tooling), 2) neural network training, 3) the science of making it work (e.g. segmentation, detection, temporal prediction), and 4) their deployment in production running on our custom processes.

I worked on deep learning for generative models (e.g. image generation with PixelCNN++) and deep reinforcement learning (e.g. computer controlling keyboard and mouse to accomplish various tasks on web interfaces such as filling out forms).

Building new vision and learning-based technologies in different teams. Focusing on end- to-end deep networks for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, Algorithmic Depth Sensing, Large Scale Synthetic Training Data Generation, and a broad range of applications that can be tackled with modern Convolutional Neural Networks.